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The SHC 170 was designed for riders looking for a narrow nose width while still having long distance comfort. We combined our specially engineered, moldable base section with our thinnest memory foam to give you a light weight saddle that has great comfort. There is a strategically placed cutout to help with numbness and nerve pressure, along with Titanium seat rails for lighter weight. The nose measures just 38mm and then tapers back to our 130mm rear section. Even big guy’s  find this comfortable so don’t be afraid to go narrow, it’s the shape of the seat top surface that gives comfort. The SHC 170 saddle weighs 202 grams and is available in either Black or White with opposing color trim.

Notable Pro Riders who choose the Cobb SHC saddle:

*Eneko Llanos    *Sam Warriner    *James Cunnama   *Brent Poulsen   *Brandon Marsh   *Scott DeFilippis

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chris commented on 08-May-2013 03:27 PM5 out of 5 stars
Highly recommend for road bike. I experience no discomfort with saddle. Just follow John Cobbs easy set up and you'll be riding with no pain in no time.
Danielle Lee commented on 22-Jul-2013 05:38 PM5 out of 5 stars
I have tried just about every saddle out there---I am talking about probably AT LEAST over 100 saddles. I first tried the V-Flow, which is just amazingly comfortable!! Right from the start, extremely comfortable with just the right amount of cushion with no rubbing and no numbness.
Now I have moved to a "just as comfortable" saddle to one that's a little lighter than the V-Flow---the SHC 170. It's even nicer!!
Both of my race bikes have the SHC and the other 8 have the V-Flow.
Give them a try. If you don't like their saddle, return it within a few months and get your money back.
-Brandon commented on 19-Feb-2014 09:38 AM4 out of 5 stars
This is a great dual use saddle for road and tri. I set it up so that I am on sitting 'on' the cutout. No issues with it on either bike!