comfortable bike saddle

The devil is in the details

The Plus2 has an increased overall seat clearance due to a taller seat rail which ensures more space between the seat and the seat post.

Specifications At A Glance

Nose Width

40 mm

The Plus2 has a narrow nose to eliminate inner leg chaffing.

Mid Section Width

64 mm

John Cobb’s patented relief channel design to eliminate numbness by reducing pressure in the perineum.

Rear Section Width

130 mm

Narrow rear section is designed for optimal hamstring clearance.


275 mm

The seat rails allow for an aggressive forward position over the bottom bracket.

Saddle Density

Our saddle density comes in 3 levels: Softer, Medium and Firm.

The Plus2 is crafted with a softer foam for the lighter riders.


Specifications At A Glance


292 gr

The comfort of the Plus2 allows to ride in a more aggressive position.

Outside Layer Material

Micro fiber

100% UV protection against sun damage and 100% waterproof protection against foam rot as a result of sweat loss or rainy days.

Inner Shell

High Performance
Poly Mix

Molded in-seat shell helps cradle the rider in a comfortable position, relieving lower back pain.

Seat rail

Hollow Chro-moly

Our Plus2 has 80mm fore/aft adjustability, with the industry 7mm diameter hollow chro-moly rails

Specifications In Detail

Materials Used

  • Outside Cover Material: Microfiber
  • Inner Shell: Poly Mix
  • Seat Rail: Hollow Chro-moly

Product Dimensions

  • Length of seat: 275mm
  • Nose Width: 40mm
  • Mid Section Width: 64mm
  • Rear Section Width: 130mm
  • Relief Channel Width: 16mm
  • Relief Channel Length: 93mm
  • Total Seat Height: 66mm
  • Seat Rail Length: 80mm

Other Specification Details

  • Weight of seat: 292gr
  • Cobb Rear Hydration Mount Compatible: Yes

Saddle Density

  • Softer saddle density across the entire seat.