comfortable bike seat

The devil is in the details

The Gen2 offers a long range of adjustability enabling the rider to ride out on the nose or all the way to the back.

Specifications At A Glance

Nose Width

47 mm

Lowered nose offers amazing comfort while riding in a forward aggressive position.

Mid Section Width

63 mm

Unique saddle that provides a multiple of riding positions because of the swoopy design.

Rear Section Width

130 mm

The Gen2 provides a great pressure relief and airflow cooling through the full front deep relief channel.


280 mm

The elongated nose on the Gen 2 provides great comfort in an aggressive position while also allowing for greater movement.

Saddle Density

Our saddle density comes in 3 levels: Softer, Medium and Firm.

The medium foam used in the Gen2 provides all day comfort in all riding positions.


Specifications At A Glance


294 gr

Gen2 saddle is designed for aggressive road racing or aggressive tri-bike geometry for multi sport events.

Outside Layer Material

Micro fiber

100% UV protection against sun damage and 100% waterproof protection against foam rot as a result of sweat loss or rainy days.

Inner Shell

High Performance
Poly Mix

Molded in-seat shell helps cradle the rider in a comfortable position, relieving lower back pain.

Seat rail

Hollow Chro-moly

Tall seat rails creates saddle suspension to help absorb shocks and therefore increase comfort.

Specifications In Detail

Materials Used

  • Outside Cover Material: Microfiber
  • Inner Shell: Poly Mix
  • Seat Rail: Hollow Chro-moly

Product Dimensions

  • Length of seat: 280mm
  • Nose Width: 47mm
  • Mid Section Width: 63mm
  • Rear Section Width: 130mm
  • Front Relief Channel Width: 15mm
  • Rear Relief Channel Width: 20mm
  • Relief Channel Length: 100mm
  • Total Seat Height: 65mm
  • Seat Rail Length: 105.5mm

Other Specification Details

  • Weight of seat: 294gr
  • Cobb Rear Hydration Mount Compatible: Yes

Saddle Density

  • Medium saddle density across the entire seat.