We serve any cyclist (road, mountain, triathlon or commuter) from entry level to World Champion.

We can help riders that are challenged in performing their chosen sport experiencing saddle discomfort, saddles sores, muscle or soft tissue issues.

Inefficient fit dynamics relating to saddle issues can greatly reduce the cycling experience and performance, and riders will benefit greatly from our technologies.


John Cobb is a pioneer & innovator in the bike industry since 1972 and is considered part of a handful of legendary figures that helped shape the bike industry.

John is often referred to as “Mr. Wind tunnel” and has been a proven pioneer in the area of cycling aerodynamics to help position riders better in order to gain speed and comfort.


We are forward thinking people, outspoken about aerodynamics and bike positioning, focused on optimizing customer comfort and performance both on and off the bike. We will share our expertise with our customers.


We are innovators and deliver functional products with patented designs, helping riders to increase their comfort and performance in bike related sports.


John Cobb has been a trusted race product and aero advisor to some of the world’s best cyclists, triathletes and track athletes such as the USA Postal Team, Rabobank Pro Cycling, teamTBB, Sirius Coaching and many others.

John has always been a forward thinking person, not afraid to push the boundaries in areas such as aero dynamics, new product designs and bike positioning, with the simple aim to always help optimize rider comfort and performance.


We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. Satisfied customers who love our products inspire us – we don’t settle for less.


We are totally committed to outstanding product quality for our customer’s comfort, so we offer any of our customers a risk free purchase program.


John Cobb has been involved in the design and development of frames, wheels, aero bars, bike seats, clothing, helmets and much more.

Photo on left from 1995 with Cervelo founders Gerard Vroomen and Phil White performing various wind tunnel tests for their future triathlon bikes. Most wind tunnels test done today, still use test protocols defined by John Cobb.


Dan Empfield is an entrepreneur in the world of multisport, inventor of the triathlon wetsuit in 1987, and the triathlon-specific racing bike in 1989.

Today, Empfield is the editor and publisher of the popular on-line triathlon news and commentary web site

His FIST-based protocol of triathlon bicycle fitting is an industry methodology for fitting triathletes to their bikes.

John Cobb is one of the advanced level instructors at the FIST workshops, a place where industry minds, forward thinking enthusiasts and innovators all comes together.


John Cobb has been actively involved in the bicycle industry since 1972. He first proved himself as a pioneer in the area of cycling aerodynamics when his positioning and aero knowledge were used with Greg LeMond, thus shocking the traditional European bicycle racing world. John developed a system, early on, for positioning riders in order to gain more speed and comfort. This has led riders from around the globe to search John out for cycling help.

John’s interest and passion for bicycling has evolved over the years. His racing background includes go-karts and an interest in car racing and motorcycling racing–all of which helped lead him to the bicycle industry. He has logged thousands hours of wind tunnel testing time and has continued to be a leading innovator in developing cycling components–including wheels, hubs, aerobars, bike saddles, clothing and helmets. Manufacturers regularly consult John to gain a new perspective on product development.

Riders, of all skill level come to John to spend valuable time working on their cycling position. Some are injured, many are wanting to go faster and are looking for more comfort. John’s vast experience can address and help solve these problems.

There is a constant learning curve found in the bicycling industry. As new technology comes along, one has to be a leader in adopting these new ideas while learning to relate them to riders of all abilities. John continues to be a leader and he helps others learn how to better use these technologies by offering camps and classes. You will often see John going to and many times participating in races as he has a true passion for the sport and loves being involved.

John and his wife Ginger both grew up in Louisiana, and now have roots in Texas.


Italian sunglass and cycling helmet manufacturer, Rudy Project requested support from aerodynamics guru John Cobb.

The result was the launch of the Wing57, which has undergone extensive wind tunnel testing to become the best TT helmet on the market.

Through this testing, Rudy Project and Cobb developed a unique tail geometry that works best for all TT positions and back profiles.

Proven to beat most competing aero helmets in time simulations, the Wing57 will be, without question, the best aero helmet on the market throughout the triathlon and cycling worlds.


We are personally involved with our customers and their communities. We are approachable and motivated to reach grass root communities through our “Cobb Mobb” program.


We want to build a unique and supportive team experience during our training sessions, events, camps and in our online community. Our goal is to create a truly exciting and fun filled interaction between athletes of all levels from all over the world.


John Cobb is frequently invited by professional teams to assist their pro-athletes getting fitted on their new bikes at the start of the season.

John Cobb has provided bike fitting support to team’s such as teamTBB, Maverick Multi Sport, and Team Sirius and has worked with world class coaches such as Brett Sutton and Siri Lindley who recognized Cobb’s ability to enhance their athlete’s comfort and performance on and off the bike.


To expand the success and rapid growth Cobb Cycling achieved in the USA into the overseas markets, Cobb Cycling appointed Alex Bok to lead the sales & marketing efforts starting in 2012.

John Cobb and Alex Bok already worked closely together since 2009 when Cobb Cycling became the exclusive saddle sponsor of TEAMTBB, the world’s most decorated triathlon team managed and founded by Alex Bok.

Alex Bok has been involved in the bike industry since 2005 across areas such as retail, distribution, event merchandise and as pro team manager. Prior to that period, Alex had worked for 17 years in the banking industry with his latest position as a Managing Director of DBS Bank in Singapore,  the largest bank in South East Asia.

Today, Alex leads the International Sales & Marketing activities for Cobb Cycling across all markets outside the USA and Canada.

Cobb Cycling is now available in more than 26 countries through a fast growing network of knowledgeable dealers and bike fitters.